2017-09-25 02:22:24 by Lenbasisky

Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
Take a seat and enjoy the news that i'm going to announce you.

The month of October is almost near us and as you know when someone speaks of October it means tha Halloween 
almost here as well. In the future, to celebrate Halloween, i thought to make a pic related to such theme,
but to make this creation more interesting i thought to give the possibility to my followers to
give me an idea to how to draw it and which character to draw in it. 
Considerate such opportunity as a free request, BUT with some conditions. Any followers will have to
compete between each other to propose not only a character to draw for such theme, but to be creative
with such pic. Yeah, this means that you have the possibility to propose how to draw properly the character
in the pic. 
The winner will be:
1) That most creative.
2) That one who will propose a character which fits better with the Halloween theme.
The pic can be also NSFW, but in that case, it will posted only in that sites which allows such content as
tumblr and pixiv.

You can propose more then ONE idea, but only one will be chosen as winner.

1) Being creative doesn't mean that it has to be complessive, so don't propose for example more then 3-4 characters 
in the pic and stuff like that.
2) This contest is for the followers and FOLLOWERS ONLY. And any person who will become followers after the release of
this announcement, won't be be accepted, for 2 reasons:
- This is a contest to thank the followers you followed me until now
- I don't want that the people become my followers just for the contest and with the possibility that they unfollow
me if i don't satisfy their request.

DEADLINE- 24th October


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